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[New Item] CARNIX Control Arm


As part of the suspension system, a control arm is a bar that has a pivot at both ends. ?
Connecting the spindle, hub or knuckle and wheel to the vehicle’s chassis, the control arm is a critical part of any vehicle’s steering and suspension system. Also known as A-Arm, it support each wheel and contribute to the smooth ride you’ve come to expect.

Choose Carnix, Carnix has the best replacement control arm with improved performance and long-lasting reliability.

? ? CARNIX Control Arm ?

?CARNIX Control Arm - New


  • Brand : CARNIX
  • Item : CONTROL ARM
  • Range : Korean Passenger Vehicles
  • Car Maker : Hyundai, Kia & GM Korea
  • Origin : Made in KOREA
  • Price Level : 40~60% of Genuine
  • Total : 406


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